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The arch: originally created for structural purposes in classical Greek architecture – now a decorative trend in homes across the world. From striking Mediterranean-inspired doorways to simple, under-stated mirrors, this collection of arches within home interiors will not only make you want to join the hype, but allow you to easily recreate the look within your own home. 

Arches: how to stay ahead of the curve

Designer: Bicker Design

The designer for this home clearly doesn’t miss a trick. The use of arches here not only unifies the space perfectly, but also works to make the room appear larger by leading the eye upwards – an inspired tip if your home has low ceilings (also aided by a white-washed interior). 

Arches: how to stay ahead of the curve

Designer: Decus Interiors

A quick and (relatively) easy update for any walk-in shower; this arched shower screen provides a functional as well as an aesthetically pleasing element to the room – the key criterion for any successful design scheme. A top tip if you are planning to carry out bathroom renovations is to use the same finish across all fixtures to bring the scheme together, as seen here with the bronze/rose-gold accents which, in turn, is complemented by the dusty-pink tiling. 

Arches: how to stay ahead of the curve

Oh how this design makes me want to be young again! You’ll have to get creative to replicate this one (which isn’t a bad thing!), but nothing that a quick trip to the DIY store to buy some sheets of MDF and a tin of paint won’t solve. In the meantime (or if you’re not that creatively inclined), you can satisfy your arch-cravings with bunk-beds with beautifully integrated arched ends – hooray!

Arches: how to stay ahead of the curve

Designer: Amber Interiors

This design has a triple whammy of arches galore: the wooden french doors (which are an architectural feature in themselves); the arched door frame; and the arched ceiling that continues down to the bedroom. Incorporating a vaulted ceiling into this narrow hallway works to create the illusion of height and volume, whilst also adding a dramatic element to an otherwise ordinary space.

Arches: how to stay ahead of the curve

Designer: SP01 Design

Room dividers are a fantastic trick to easily introduce a decorative element such as texture, colour or dimension; as well as a functional element such as the illusion of privacy, or a strategic layout to any room design. Unfortunately this divider was produced solely as a backdrop for this homeware shoot (although I personally think it deservcs a photoshoot of its own), but thankfully other arched room dividers can be found on the market – phew! 

Arches: how to stay ahead of the curve

Designer: ETC.etera

Are you loving the arched aesthetic but don’t have any arched doorways, windows or ceilings in your home? No problem! Paint is your new friend. Take inspiration from the design above and use paint to create the illusion of an arched headboard whilst also saving money (always a great bonus). Alternatively; extend the paint colour of your window (or door) into an arch above the frame, as seen below – and voila! – the arched aesthetic within your own home. Check out the steps below to learn how to recreate the arched-paint effect.

Arches: how to stay ahead of the curve

Designer: Liz Kamural

All you need to recreate this look is a nail, string, a pencil and some paint:

  • Start by securing the string to the centre of the window trim or door with a nail or pin. 
  • Tie the other end of string onto your pencil.
  • Pull the string taught and draw your arch, following a motion similar to that of a compass. 
  • Paint the arch in the same colour as the window/door frame to create the arched extension, using a detail paint brush to ensure a smooth curved edge.

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