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The phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ wasn’t created for coffee table books. I find that more often than not, coffee table books are bought for about one-third entertainment/educational purposes, and two-thirds purely decorative; and designers use them no differently. Coffee table books are frequently used as a foundation for styling consoles, open-shelving and the piece that they’ve inherited their name from; the coffee table. Whether they’re used to bring height to a vignette or as a plinth to display sculptural objects and accessories, they’re a fantastic design anchor for creating an aesthetically pleasing environment and making us look (and feel) like we’re well-read. But what about the books that look pretty on the outside and really do make for an inspirational read (or, let’s be honest, flick) on the inside? 

In her ethereal, swoonworthy way, Athena’s book is filled with deeply inspirational shots of her own Cobble Hill apartment and beautiful peeks into some of her other design projects. In the words of Bobby Berk, Athena shows that she “not only Lives Beautiful, but she Teaches Beautiful” by also giving us useful insights and tips on how to carefully curate our own space whilst articulately guiding us through some of the trickier design and styling decisions that she most commonly has to make.

It’s no suprise that this book, written by The White Company’s founder Chrissie Rucker, is a testament to the power of neutrals in the home. From front to back, each page is full of beautiful design inspiration taken from Chrissie’s three iconic homes. If you’re drawn to the neutral palette then this book is the one for you – it’s truly a masterclass in how to use white to highlight texture, natural light and decorative details throughout the home!

This is a must-have book for your coffee table collection. The editors of AD at 100 have given us a free pass to nosy around the personal spaces of dozens of celebrities (Barack and Michelle Obama, David Bowie…) and they don’t disappoint. I mean, even if you don’t get to live in one of these breathtaking abodes, at least you can have a small piece of it on your coffee table.

I’m taking a bit of a leap here and assuming that this book, not out until 27th October, will be one of my new favourites, purely based on its author. Amber Lewis’ designs have always been a huge inspiration for me in my design work. Her ability to effortlessly blend neutrals, bring together textures and textiles and mix modern and vintage pieces to create a cohesive, timeless look is seriously inspirational. So I have no doubt that her book will deliver on making us swoon over her beautiful, California Cool aesthetic!

This book is all about how to live simply in an authentic home that reflects our values and brings meaning and  joy to our lives everyday. There’s no shortage of beautiful imagery as Natalie is welcomed into homes around the world that all unequivocally reflect that rustic Scandi/Nordic aesthetic that so many of us crave!

Who doesn’t want to live a beautiful life? Another book that I jumped to pre-order when it was first announced (on sale on the 26th November) – a publication by designers Syd and Shea McGee, partners in both life and business. It’s promised an authentic look into how they navigated through the early days of growing a business together that shaped into the design empire that we all know as Studio McGee.

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