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Styling a mantelpiece can seem overwhelming as the fireplace is often a focal point of a room; I often have design clients getting in touch asking for tips on how to pull it off. So I’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide on how to style it to create an effortlessly cohesive statement within your space! Happy designing!


Placing a large piece of wall decor above your mantelpiece  will draw the eye in to create a balanced focal point. Mirrors are great for making a space feel larger and for throwing light around a room, but artwork or even a mounted television also work well as anchor pieces.

When using artwork as a focal point, try to choose pieces with colours found throughout the space to create a cohesive scheme. If you have decided on mounting a TV above the mantel, consider purchasing a frame TV (linked below) – their sleek frame design and non-backlit display means they look like a frame painting when turned off, as opposed to a black screen. 

 Pro tip: lean your anchor piece on the mantel for a more casual, laid-back look.


2. Group OBJECTS

Group together items of varying heights (that are smaller than your focal point) to create depth and dimension. If possible try to choose objects with different colours and textures for added interest. These could be items such as vases, candlesticks or plants. 

Pro tip: When styling multiple items, always group them together in odd numbers. Odds are more visually interesting than evens!


3. Balance the other side

If you’ve chosen to use a mirror as your focal point, layering in a small piece of artwork is a great option for adding character whilst balancing out the grouped objects. I like to choose landscape paintings with soft, earthy tones so as not to detract from the main focal point. 


4. Incorporate greenery

Placing tall stems in one of the vases will add height on one side, keeping the display from appearing too symetrical. Foliage is also great for adding a live, textured element that helps to bring the display to life.


5. Style Decorative Accessories

Bring in small decorative accessories to bridge any gaps. Stacking books with a decorative object atop is great for adding dimension to a display. Be careful not to incorporate too many accessories as that can make the display appear cluttered and detract from the focal point.  


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