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Last week I featured my favourite sources for affordable vintage-style rugs. These types of rugs are great for adding warmth, texture and colour to a space whilst exuding heaps of that carefully curated ‘collectors’ charm. Here are some inspiring (and perhaps more unusual) ways of styling your beautiful rugs throughout the home!

The art of layering a vintage rug over a natural fibre rug is great for adding depth and texture to elevate your space. Additionally, using a large neutral backdrop to fill the floor area, such as a jute, sisal or hemp rug, allows you to a showcase a smaller (and more affordable!) vintage rug that may not have been the right size to otherwise standalone in your space.

Designer: Anita Yokota

A bathroom is definitely one of the more unusual places to have a vintage rug, with many people questioning whether or not it’s really suitable. Wool, however, is one of the easiest rug materials to clean and is seriously durable – it’s pretty much built to withstand all the traffic that passes through a bathroom. I know that the amount of moisture created in a bathroom is another cause for concern for most – but wool also allows more air flow to pass through it than most other materials – so you could argue that a vintage rug is actually perfect for a bathroom! As long as you don’t use it as a bath mat and get it sopping wet everyday, and provided your bathroom is just about big enough, I would suggest that you should become a member of the bathroom rug club asap!

Vintage runner rugs in kitchens are definitely having a moment. The easiest way to keep your feet warm in the morning (especially if you have tiled flooring that can be nippy!) whilst also scoring on style AND adding a pop of colour? Place a vintage runner on the longest walkway in your kitchen and step your style game up a notch in no time.

Designer: 202 Design

What better way to make a great first impression on entry to your house than having a warm welcome from a cosy vintage rug underfoot? Hallways are another high-traffic part of the house and not only do vintage runners protect your flooring from wear and tear, but they can also make a huge design impact on an otherwise narrow space!

Designer: Amber Interiors

Hopefully I’ve provided you with some helpful design tips on how to style vintage rugs throughout your home, coupled with some inspiring design shots. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or are looking for some style tips, otherwise have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

Nia xo

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