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Designer: Studio McGee Photographer: Lucy Call

Entryways are not only the first thing your guests see when they walk through the door, but they also set the tone and style for the rest of your space. Having browsed through countless inspirational images of well-styled console tables, I started thinking about what exactly the fundamentals of creating a welcoming, beautiful entryway were. Over time, I’ve picked up on a few common patterns that I’ve noticed designers tend to use when styling console tables, which I’ve laid out step-by-step for you below.

Step One: 

Select your surface – I tend to prefer the more rustic/wooden consoles with a lower shelf to place larger items on, such as this one from Oka, but any material or size will do. 


Step Two:

Elevate the top by placing a large mirror or piece of artwork roughly 15-25cm (6-10 inches) above the console table. This will also create a focal point at eye-level.


Step Three:

Place some tall foliage or floral stems on either the left or right hand-side to add height. If you don’t have any greenery in your garden to forage, you can buy these preserved eucalyptus leaves from Etsy which smell amazing!


Step Four:

Balance the greenery with a large table lamp on the opposite side. This will also add some cosy lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere. I selected this table lamp which is decorated with sea shells to bring in some added texture!


Step Five:

Ground the bottom with heavier/larger items to balance any visual weight that’s on top. Woven baskets are a great option for consoles with little storage, but I’ve also seen large vases/sculptural objects being used as well. As a general rule of thumb, try to use either an item that’s large enough to fill the space well, or a pair of smaller items placed side-by-side. 


Step Six:

Style the details! Stacked books are great for adding a bit of dimension and acting as a pedestal for decorative objects. Finally, drape some decorative beads over the vase or books to add some visual interest and texture. 


Aged Brass Round Mirror, Olivia’s, £196

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Cowrie Table Lamp, OKA, £175

Handmade Tassel-Detail Basket, H&M Home, £12.99

Rustic Decorative Beads, Amazon, £10.99

Preserved Eucalyptus, Etsy, £24

Recycled Glass Bottle, Amazon, £9.99

Pure White Decorative Books, Etsy, £48

Benjamin Rug, French Connection, £125

Castellau Console Table, OKA, £950

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