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Design & Photography: Jaci Hodges

Beds take up a lot of room in a bedroom both physically and visually, so I feel they deserve to be dressed to the nines. And these photos of Jaci Hodge’s beautiful bedroom certainly show how a well-made bed can instantly give a room that wow-factor. The secret? Layering! Sheets, blankets, duvets, quilted bedspreads, and throws along with layers of pillows can achieve that sumptuous magazine-quality look. Jaci’s room also shows how re-styling a bedroom can be as simple as swapping out bedding, throw pillows and a few décor items – and voilà! – a whole new ambience is created, I can’t decided which look is my favourite!


Olive Green Pillow Cover, Etsy, £14

Neutral Hemp Hand Woven Pillow Cover, Etsy, £31

Vintage Linen Pillow, Linen & Cloth, £62.50

Cotton Duvet Cover Set, H&M Home, £17.99

Woven Wool Striped Throw Blanket, Xasmin Interiors, £140

Light Beige Quilted Bedspread, H&M Home, £39.99

Oatmeal Linen Curtains, Piglet in Bed, £89

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Solid Elm Bench, La Redoute, £180

Blue Striped Lumbar Pillow, Etsy, £54

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