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You may have noticed that vintage rugs seem to be popping up in interiors everywhere – it’s now become common place for a rug to have pride of place in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, kitchens and even bathrooms – yes, bathrooms!

It’s no surprise that these rugs are so popular – their intricate gothic pattern is a proven classic, giving them a timeless appeal that blends equally well with a contemporary or traditional décor. But it can be a challenge to find these rugs without spending a small fortune. Vintage and antique rugs can get pricey (especially the larger they get), so it can be difficult to find more affordable vintage-style rugs without sacrificing on quality. Luckily as an E-designer I spend way too many hours on the internet curating buying lists for my clients, so I have learned exactly where to shop! 

Inspired by the trend to recycle old carpets and over-dye them in brilliant colours to camouflage stains and flaws, many online retailers are stocking ‘vintage aesthetic’ rugs that have both the luxurious feel and traditional flair of antique pieces, at affordable prices. Below is a collection of some of my favourite designs from affordable retailers that bring the distressed elegance and added warmth of a vintage heirloom, without breaking the bank. Each rug is power loomed in a low-cut pile to recreate the threadbare appearance of worn vintage carpets and deliberately dyed haphazardly to give that highly coveted old-world character to the designs. Enjoy!

Hopefully I’ve provided you with some inspiring sources! Check back in next week when I will be providing some insider design tips and tricks on how to style vintage rugs throughout the home. Thanks for stopping by!

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