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We’re truly living in a rattan renaissance, and, thankfully, it seems this is just the beginning! Although there are a number of ways you can bring the woven aesthetic into your home, the one I find has the most impact whilst being very simple to execute is rattan pendant lighting. I love how rattan, bamboo or wicker lighting has a completely un-pretentious feel to it that makes it look perfectly in place – whether it’s in a dining room, bedroom, hallway or over a kitchen island. So if, like me, you’re an advocate of that laid-back, casual Californian style that appears to be so effortlessly stylish, then you could be entering into a new obsession.

Designer: Nicole Franzen

Designer: HouseofTran

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Above you will find a curated selection of my favourite rattan lamp shades currently on the UK market. The majority of them are handcrafted, allowing for that special homemade uniqueness where they all differ slightly in colour and size. I find that these lights are the perfect way to brighten any room with their particular coastal Boho style. Enjoy!

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