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Texture, texture, texture; it’s the magical final ingredient that makes any interior scheme pop and appear so ‘put together’. Although the term ‘texture’ has become somewhat of a buzzword within the interior design world, I find many clients are unsure of how to create the perception of texture.  They get in touch knowing that an essential detail is missing but are unable to identify what this is. And 9 out of 10 times I have responded with a link to various options of soft furnishings to add some – you guessed it – texture. So I decided to write this post to show that incorporating texture is simple – it’s a magical ingredient, but it shouldn’t be a secret one!

Designer: Amber Interiors

I’m sure many of you have joined me in swooning over Amber Lewis’ designs over and over again (and if you haven’t then I would definitely recommend). Her talents are multi-faceted for sure, but one thing that she understands through and through is how to use texture to complete a scheme and give it that tactile edge. One sure-fire way to do that? Cushions, bedding, and more cushions. Throw cushions have the almighty ability to immediately add visual weight to any room, but some manage to achieve it more than others – why? I’ve narrowed it down to two key things – the number and the ‘plumpness’. It makes sense that the plumper the cushion, the more tactile it will appear (insider tip: plumper cushions make it easier to nail that satisfying karate chop down the middle to get that uniform look shown above). Likewise, it follows that the more cushions you display, the more visual weight will be added – but don’t go too crazy here, between 3-5 is ideal. Which brings me on to another way to add texture: layering! Combining multiple textural pieces, such as the bedding shown above, will send you on your way to achieving an inviting interior that radiates warmth in no time. 

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Designer: Jessi Eve 

Pampas grass: say hello to a more unusual way to bring added texture (and a touch of fluff) into your interior space. These wild, wheat-toned grass stalks seem to be popping up in the background of countless interiors, and it’s no wonder why – their organic nature and neutral colour palette make them the perfect addition to any stripped-back, minimalist scheme. Their fluffy plumes are great for adding texture, dimension, and height to any indoor arrangement (insider tip: spray with a light coating of hairspray to preserve their soft texture and minimise shedding). Plus they truly thrive on neglect – no nurturing needed whatsoever – in fact they actually get better with age; a rare quality for house plants!

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Designer: Aesthetical Blog 

Adding wood can instantly ground and soften an otherwise stark interior, whether it’s in the form of a piece of herringbone flooring, an antique piece of wooden furniture, or a stunning show of rattan (like above), to name a few. Rattan especially seems to have had a new lease of life this year. This resurgent popularity could be down to its natural materials and weaves – qualities that many homeowners seem to be embracing due to their incredible ability to incorporate a bit of added texture. If the last two photos are anything to go by, then pampas grass and rattan seem to be the ultimate combo!

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Designer: Marina Cabero 

One interior design style that really understands the use and benefits of incorporating texture is the Scandinavian style. Due to the short daylight hours over the winter months in Nordic countries, the style is dominated by two things: a neutral palette to brighten the interior, and various textured materials to create the feeling of cosiness (or ‘hygge’ as it’s known in Danish). Their choice of textured, organic materials such as untreated wood, woven baskets, hemp rugs and chunky knit throws, reflect the Nordic love of the outdoors, and are a deliberate statement of their respect and appreciation for nature’s beauty. It’s no wonder that this style has been replicated endlessly across the world and seems to have some serious staying power!

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